Adventure in Nicaragua

kimberly jumps, nicaragua, volcanoNicaragua. May 2012

While traveling in Costa Rica with a group of 10 friends, we decided to take a spontaneous road trip to gain another stamp on our passports.  We learned there was a volcano a few hours north of our hotel, and we were Nicaragua bound for the afternoon. What an experience! nic1

Since we did not register our trip with our rental car company, we were unable to drive across the border.


We were questioned by the authorities for almost an hour about why we were entering the country for such a short period of time.

Thankfully, someone in our group spoke Spanish and talked with some locals who helped us get through customs.
Once through, our group split into three different taxi cabs for the twenty-minute ride out to Lake Nicaragua. I must admit, I did think the cab drivers were going to take off into three different directions and we would never be heard from again 🙂 Too many horror movies!

We arrived at Lake Nicaragua with views of Ometepe island, which is made up of two volcanos: Volcán Concepción and Volcán Maderas.



The next few hours were spent walking around the lake, hanging with some locals, and enjoying $1 Nicaraguan beer. A spontaneous adventure for the books!



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